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My mom rang to wish me a happy birthday this morning and asked what I was doing early morning for my birthday. What does a girl do early morning for her birthday?. Like Anne Parrilaud in Le Femme Nikita (Luc Bssson’s Nikita) wakes up totally focused and on a mission to assassin. I too had one target in mind today. I would nail the crepes cake. I knew there would be no room for error. I had one chance at this and only that narrow window of early morning sun for photography. The plan was to have the crepes prepared from the day before. On the day, I would only need to prepare the icing and put it all together. With my plan and resolve, the job got done. To go back to my mom’s call, after finding out I had my hands full of icing a cake she ends the call by saying ‘ok make the cake  but don’t eat it Lara!. Really mom? Self Denial has never been one of my best self attributes.

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If I am to do this crepes cake again, I would use another icing. The attached recipe for the icing was light and tasted good. I somehow got turned off by using so many egg whites in one go. Also as you start adding the icing to each crepes, do use just 1.5 or 2 table-spoon… I added around 3 and had very little icing left at the end to cover the cake (and you need extra for that part)… and I wanted a darker ganache covering the whole cake anyways. I just melted dark chocolate with a table-spoon of butter and poured it over the crepes. Please observe that I only got 15 crepes out of the above recipe. I had to make another crepes batter the second time, using only 1/2 amount. Also as you ice the 20 or 30 Crepes the whole thing is dangerously wobbly. You need to be very careful transporting it from one place to another.

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    June 13, 2013

    There is a Circassian kind of crepe cake that is much simpler, without chocolate frosting, has a thinner kind of syrup or cream moistening the layers and is extremely delicious….have eaten it here in Jordan several times but not been able to find a recipe…searching!

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    Kitchen Butterfly
    June 28, 2013

    June baby too??? Wow. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to make this crepe cake! It looks stunning. Hope you had a wonderful and delicious b’day – and I’m sure you did. Lots of love!

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