New Year and Sahlab Drink

It seems like 2013 was not the most bountiful of years for people. I wonder if this is simply my projection. I guess it is very much felt here in the Middle East with the war next door in Syria not coming to an end. As individuals though, we do have a large say into how our years are consciously spent and so I will for 2014 to be an all rounded positive year for all. I have always liked the idea of making or preparing something white for the first day of the year. I resort to the fragrant and mystical Sahlab powder and Mastic spice, joined together into the winter Sahlab drink. It is one of those versatile concoctions that can be transformed into Arabic ice cream or the fridge Muhallabiya pudding. In the winter months in Jordan it is heated and drank as a hot drink. It is the equivalent to drinking Egg Nog in England in December. 


When my mom was in Istanbul last I asked her to bring back some Sahlab powder. Of course it is not the real Sahlab, as it is very rare and expensive to purchase, but at least it is from Istanbul so in my mind it is somewhat authentic. You can always buy it packaged from middle eastern shops. I followed Anissa Helou’s recipe and was very happy with the results. The only addition is I sieved everything at the end to get a smooth result. I also added some blanched pistachios, cinnamon powder and dessicated coconut. Bon Appetit. 

img_0994 img_0996 img_1002


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