Jordanian Cuisine

The interesting thing about Jordanian cuisine is it is a real amalgamation of so many cultures. As it is a country that has three main ethnic identities, it has formed a unique and rich culinary heritage. For example, between my parents I have Jordanian, Palestinian, Circassian and Syrian blood in me. And that’s only a conservative mix.

Our Jordanian table reflects a complex diversity of cuisines. On one side we have the Palestinian kitchen which is predominantly a mediterranean diet. Then there is the bedouin cuisine which originated from the desert with its limited bounties. Then there are all the other influences coming from Egypt, Lebanon and Syria. And to add to this mix we have the Circassians and their wonderfully different way of cooking and food.

Even though I love what Jordan has to offer in dishes, I am also always fascinated with the way other cultures cook. I am archiving the dishes that I consider to be related to the Jordanian table.


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