Marrow Fritters

My grandmother belonged to the ‘waste not want not’ generation. Quite interestingly NOW we are trying to return to that knowledge and instinct people had about recycling and wasting very little. She, like many grandparents at the time never had to worry about how much fat they’re consuming. They knew very well that their bodies needed it, that it was utilized while doing a lot of physical work or walking to places. They ate everything in season and simply found fruits and vegetables out of season to be a no go zone.


I am mentioning all this because I find it interesting that we are re learning the past and secondly because I miss my grand mother a lot. And when you miss someone, you tend to remember their simple wisdoms and the little small things that at the time went unnoticed. Those fritters I am cooking today were a snack she would usually have stacked up in the middle of her kitchen. They looked very ordinary but tasted agonisingly good.  Salty, slightly caramalised and burnt around the edges-waiting to be sandwiched and devoured.These fritters are the result of coring middle eastern marrow and using the pulp the day after for frying.  Marrows are from the same family of zucchini and squash but a lot milder in taste and therefore taste really good stuffed with rice, meat and spices.



Once the pulp is ready- all the water should be squeezed out using your hands. Cut them into small pieces and place aside. Grate the onion and squeeze the water out and place on tea towel to dry. Then Simply place all the ingredients in bowl including the chopped parsley, flour, eggs spices and mix with a fork ever so lightly to keep batter light. Heat vegetable oil (I use grape seed oil) and with a table spoon place a spoonful and fry on both side and drain on kitchen towel. Bon Apetit.


400g Kousa around 5 pieces (zuchini) core the pulp out.

2 table spoons parsley chopped

one large white onion grated

heaped table spoon plain flour

2 organic eggs

a pinch of all the spices (black pepper, ground cumin, ground sweet pepper, white pepper) you can add ground chili powder if you’re not giving to children

2 teaspoons salt



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    November 26, 2014

    Hi Lara, I love zucchini fritters. So simple, yet so good.

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    November 26, 2014

    I love these photos so much Lara – it looks so very delicious!! need to try and make some now..x

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    chef mimi
    November 29, 2014

    darn. i thought you were referring to bone marrow. and i got all exited! will have to check into what is thing is. They look lovely.

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