Dibeen Eco Farm House

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I recently found out that organic cage-free chickens do exist in Jordan through Facebook’s intelligent system of suggesting articles that subscribers are into. But this isn’t about FB it’s about this wonderful Dibeen Eco Farm House and their owners. 7iber Magazine will be publishing my write-up about this farm and I will link that up as soon as it gets published. I am eager to share some of my country’s beautiful and bountiful sceneries in the Dibeen area. Suffice to say the owner of this Eco Farm house has created a self sustainable and environmentally friendly system of farming and harvesting rain water. Self sustainability and permaculture are new and fascinating topics to learn from and live by.


Farm House from a distance


Geese with a big character


Olives- picked and ready for preserving


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    Marwan Farouk
    October 26, 2015

    very nice photos – the landscape reminds me of my recent trip to Crete.

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    October 26, 2015

    Lovely photos Lara! I look forward to reading the article xx

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