Foul Medames

I love cooking and posting simple recipes that are so quick to cook and yet savoury and wholesome. Foul Medames aka Ful is an Egyptian vegetarian dish made of fava

Muhallabiya for a new year..

Every new year and at around this time, I like to prepare Muhallabiya.     I don’t know if it has become a tradition as such but it is possibly

Lentil Soup

Lentil soup is nourishing for both the soul and the body. It is a favourite at winter time in the Middle East. And what gives it its wonderful flavour is

Marrow Fritters

My grandmother belonged to the ‘waste not want not’ generation. Quite interestingly NOW we are trying to return to that knowledge and instinct people had about recycling and wasting very

Life, the devastation in Gaza and beyond…

  ‘How can I blog about food when hundreds of children have been killed next door in Gaza’ has been my thought in the last few weeks. Do I acknowledge

One pot Mujadara

“Need is the mother of all inventions” or so the saying goes in Arabic. Mujadara is not a one pot dish normally. But at the moment my life is far

New Year and Sahlab Drink

It seems like 2013 was not the most bountiful of years for people. I wonder if this is simply my projection. I guess it is very much felt here in

A catch up on summer Part 1

I feel I have missed out on a whole summer of blogging. There was a lot going on with my life and had no help at hand with my little

Aroos, strained yogurt wrap

It has been a long time dream of mine to start a Music and Dance centre for children. It took a long time to pull together the right resources, means

Jordanian Cuisine

The interesting thing about Jordanian cuisine is it is a real amalgamation of different cultures. It is a country that has three main ethnic identities, it has formed a unique