Foul Medames

I love cooking and posting simple recipes that are so quick to cook and yet savoury and wholesome. Foul Medames aka Ful is an Egyptian vegetarian dish made of fava

A Banana-Nut Bread

TV chef Nigella Lawson said in an interview once that when it comes to losing weight, her greed wins over her vanity every time. I could so relate to that.

Pull Apart Cheese Bread

I read some where that reading a good book is like traveling through and living many different lives while still sitting in one’s arm-chair. I guess what defines a good

Αγάπη μου Ελλάδα μου – My love, my Greece

Do you ever feel you belong to a certain country that is not your birth or ‘growing up place’? Greece is that place that feels like home to me. I

A Scrunch in Convent Garden

After last week’s cabbage extravaganza, I needed to sweeten my tooth with a dessert that is a true blast from the past for me. Often we associate an area of

Lamiha’s Malfouf

It was at the back of my head last week that this would have been my fourth post and I had not baked or cooked anything yet that involves a lengthy process… I guess time is at the core of everything when juggling different things. Slightly complicated dishes do need not just the time, but to an extent, the love and care in order to yield deliciousness and Stuffed Cabbage Leaves is just that!

Like anything that is extra special in life, it does take some time to prepare Malfouf. So, I like to do the cooking over two days. A day of shopping for the right cabbage (buy one that weighs approximately 3 kilos), boiling the whole cabbage to soften, then blanching each few leaves at a time, removing the hard stems and a day for stuffing and cooking. Do I make this every day? No. But every few months my friends and my other half itch for it.

Tuna for a toddler

In the world of food blogging, photography takes centre stage. It’s a world that is new to me and I had to wonder around many blogs to get the feel

Off to the market

Fellow blogger Sally Prosser in My Custard Pie wrote so beautifully about Souk Al Bahar that I simply had to go see and taste for my self. Alas we went

Something old, something new, something sweet and not so blue.

Muhallabiya is basically milk pudding. My Grandmother always made this desert when she had left over milk in her fridge. She made different varieties of it, some with an apricot