Buckwheat Bread

I tried hard to avoid becoming one of those people who buy and consume gluten free products… I found the notion a little ludicrous mainly because of the hype over

Peanut Butter Cups

I find Instagram to be the easiest way to transport and learn of new dishes and recipes. It’s instant and gratifying, considering our fast paced lives. It is perhaps one

Summer Love and Sourdough Bread

A fellow blogger wrote once that no apologies are to be made when long absences take place in blogging and instead to simply write..! And so I do. Two dear

A Sourdough’s Journey from Down Under to Jordan- Priscilla the Beast

One of the most striking things about blogging has been connecting with wonderful people across the globe. Food requires patience and a certain passion that perhaps drove those bloggers to

A Pumpkin Flan

I tend to know a good recipe when I see one. This flan was one of those very inviting things to try out – how could it not be when

Jordan’s Queen Isabella Grapes

A dear friend wrote to me a few weeks back about some small, red, spanish grapes grown here in Jordan. ‘They have a taste that is out of this world’

Soup for Syria- Jordan

It is said that one of the first acts of a refugee mother in a camp is to turn on the gas burner and make something for her family. There

Dibeen Eco Farm House

I recently found out that organic cage-free chickens do exist in Jordan through Facebook’s intelligent system of suggesting articles that subscribers are into. But this isn’t about FB it’s about

Qalayet Bandoura

A friend had suggested to me a few weeks ago that I write recipes about delicate Palestinian dishes. ‘Something small and quaint’ he said….The first thing that came to my

Dutch Apple Pie

What does one do when at home and down with a flu? You have figured out the answer by now. Working or practicing the piano seemed to require a lot