My Grandmother

My grandmothers passed away this week. My sweet Lamiha who lived around 95 years of life, left us. She was fully aware of everything going on inside and outside herself,

Life’s Fleeting Moments

I like to sculpture my little girl’s curly hair into different shapes when we shower. It makes shower time fun for me. It is especially fun because she is totally

The circle of life and a strawberry cake

I’ve been in Jordan for three weeks now and enjoying everything that is surrounding me, especially being around my grand mother, mother and daughter. Four generations of women ranging between

Love, pomegranates and motherhood..

  A journey not without its tribulations, motherhood is not for the faint hearted. Mind you I say this on a bad day, like today, preceded  by a sleepless night.

Αγάπη μου Ελλάδα μου – My love, my Greece

Do you ever feel you belong to a certain country that is not your birth or ‘growing up place’? Greece is that place that feels like home to me. I