A vegetarian pasta dish inspired by Ikarian food

There is nothing exceptionally unique in the way this pasta dish looks, yet if you were to cook and taste it, you will understand that simple things put together well

Jordan’s Queen Isabella Grapes

A dear friend wrote to me a few weeks back about some small, red, spanish grapes grown here in Jordan. ‘They have a taste that is out of this world’

Qalayet Bandoura

A friend had suggested to me a few weeks ago that I write recipes about delicate Palestinian dishes. ‘Something small and quaint’ he said….The first thing that came to my

Foul Medames

I love cooking and posting simple recipes that are so quick to cook and yet savoury and wholesome. Foul Medames aka Ful is an Egyptian vegetarian dish made of fava

Red Pepper and Corn Soup

Everything comes out of something right? We get inspired by people, some of us even copy each other (you know who you are). Basically it is rare for someone to

Lentil Soup

Lentil soup is nourishing for both the soul and the body. It is a favourite at winter time in the Middle East. And what gives it its wonderful flavour is

Marrow Fritters

My grandmother belonged to the ‘waste not want not’ generation. Quite interestingly NOW we are trying to return to that knowledge and instinct people had about recycling and wasting very

One pot Mujadara

“Need is the mother of all inventions” or so the saying goes in Arabic. Mujadara is not a one pot dish normally. But at the moment my life is far

Wild Rice Stuffed Peppers

  I don’t know if I ever told you that I am a picky eater. I am so picky that when we are out at a restaurant and a waiter

Everyday Frittata

What we cook everyday, we don’t usually celebrate or talk about. Perhaps because it’s not fancy enough and yet it is everyday food, our staple; food that we fall back