Aroos, strained yogurt wrap

It has been a long time dream of mine to start a Music and Dance centre for children. It took a long time to pull together the right resources, means

Halloumi Stuffed Bread Rolls

Two weeks ago I had a grand plan to bake a Quiche and to blog about it.  A plan that never saw the light of day due to coming down

Fatoush for the Soul

Even though Fatoush is a well known Lebanese salad, like many dishes in the Middle East, it has taken on different flavours and identities. You will find that some will

Summer Salads

A Moslem scholar by the name of Imam Al Shafi’i wrote the most beautiful saying about knowledge that translates into: The more I learn, the more I become aware of how little I

Lamiha’s Malfouf

It was at the back of my head last week that this would have been my fourth post and I had not baked or cooked anything yet that involves a lengthy process… I guess time is at the core of everything when juggling different things. Slightly complicated dishes do need not just the time, but to an extent, the love and care in order to yield deliciousness and Stuffed Cabbage Leaves is just that!

Like anything that is extra special in life, it does take some time to prepare Malfouf. So, I like to do the cooking over two days. A day of shopping for the right cabbage (buy one that weighs approximately 3 kilos), boiling the whole cabbage to soften, then blanching each few leaves at a time, removing the hard stems and a day for stuffing and cooking. Do I make this every day? No. But every few months my friends and my other half itch for it.

Off to the market

Fellow blogger Sally Prosser in My Custard Pie wrote so beautifully about Souk Al Bahar that I simply had to go see and taste for my self. Alas we went